Wildlife in Winter Blog

In January 2014, Central Wisconsin and much of North America were locked in a cold spell that introduced many to the term “polar vortex.” As a teacher, I missed three days of school in a row. As cabin fever sunk in, I looked out at my bleak, snow-covered field. I longed for spring and the near-constant action provided by tree swallows and ground squirrels. I knew the birds would be back and that some hadn’t left. I wondered how the birds that stuck around would survive and where those who migrated went. This document is the result of those questions.

I did not do the research that went into this blog. Many people from many areas contributed to the knowledge base that I drew on. My contribution was to bring this information together to be usable for a middle school science class. If there are inaccuracies or clarifications that I should know about, please send me a note. I will be continuously updating this document.

This blog is a work in progress. I am learning about the winter survival habits of plants and animals, I’m learning to take photographs, and I’m also learning to use desktop publishing software.